How to redirect standard output and error to a file.

1. To redirect standard output to a file This will redirect the content of /etc/issue to a file /tmp/issue.txt # cat /etc/issue > /tmp/issue.txt To redirect the output to a file which... Read more »

How to find out the IMM details / Reset the IMM Login Password

1. Download the latest IBM Advanced setup utility (ASU) 64 bit rpm from the following link I have already downloaded the latest utility and placed in the following location /appl/images/imm. Please... Read more »

How to prevent the computer from suspension when laptop lid closed

How to prevent the computer from suspension when laptop lid closed If you close the lid, the computer will get into suspension mode in order to save the power. This can be... Read more »

Reducing space in LVM partition and removing disk from the server

You might have allocated more space to lvm partition for future use but now its not required hence you are planning to reduce the LVM partition and to remove the disk from... Read more »

How to configure Network Bonding

Network bonding is aggregation of multiple network interfaces to single interface for load balancing, high availability, fault tolerance etc., This can be achieved by using the kernel module bonding. By default this... Read more »

Useful SAR commands

An abbreviation of SAR is System Activity Reporter which is an important tool for system administrators to get the performance overview of the server at different point of time. Using sar commaned,... Read more »

Useful Vim Commands

What is Vim ? Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Vim... Read more »

How to extend the LVM Partition / Resizing lvm partion

If required space is not available in the VG then request Vmware or SAN team for a new disk. To Extend the lvm partion, we need to have free space in volume... Read more »

Find command with some examples

Find command is available by default in most of the Linux distros so you don’t need to install any packages to get this command. Find command is very useful to search it... Read more »

How to encrypt and decrypt the file in Linux

Sometimes you may need to send a important files as a attachment thru emails. Better if the files was sent in encryption mode then unauthorized person can’t misuse the file. Now we... Read more »
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