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by admin 1 year ago

Why Linux is better than Windows or macOS for security

Enterprises invest a lot of time, effort and money in keeping their systems secure. The most security-conscious might have a security operations center. They of course use firewalls and antivirus tools. They probably spend a lot of time...

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Top Linux Applications For Office Use

The next time you encounter a laptop or PC, pay attention to the operating system. Most likely it is not open source because closed-source platforms such as Windows and macOS have captured most of the PC client OS market. Open source OS...

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The best Linux distros of 2018

If you can’t stand the lackluster security of a Windows computer, but macOS is much too shallow, allow us to introduce you to Linux. It is, quite simply, the ultimate in open source software. The OS started out as being exclusive to regular...

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Linux Skills Most Wanted: Open Source Jobs Report

The 2018 Open Source Technology Jobs Report shows rapid growth in the demand for open source technical talent, with Linux skills a must-have requirement for entry-level positions. The seventh annual report from The Linux Foundation and...

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 Beta now available

The hybrid cloud requires a consistent foundation and today, we are pleased to refine and innovate that foundation with the availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 beta. The latest update to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is designed to...

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Is the Linux 4.18 kernel heading your way?

The recently released 4.18 Linux kernel has already moved up to 4.18.5. How soon it lands on your system or network depends a lot on which Linux distributions you use. How soon the 4.18 kernel lands on your system or network depends a lot...

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How to redirect standard output and error to a file.

1. To redirect standard output to a file This will redirect the content of /etc/issue to a file /tmp/issue.txt # cat /etc/issue > /tmp/issue.txt To redirect the output to a file which is already having a content and don’t want...